Our experienced service department will keep your printer, copier in top condition. Most of all: we strive to build long-lasting relationships that your company can depend on.

PRINTER REPAIR SERVICES ( In Boca Raton and other nearby areas)

Looking for a Printer Repair service you can trust? Look no further! Were the most friendly, honest printer repair Services in the area. Starting from $75 per hour

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE ( In Boca Raton and other nearby areas)

We offer many preventative maintenance options. Its a convenient way to keep your printer in top condition. 


From parts to supplies, weve got you covered. We know what were doing, and were dedicated to keeping your companies printer needs working. Go to our Ink & Toner Supplies Store for 90 DAYS 100% Guaranteed Supplies

FREE SERVICES FOR SUPPLIES PROGRAM (In Boca Raton and other nearby areas)

Trust us as your experts in Repairs, supplies, and maintenance. PC & Printer Paradise offers a Service for Supplies Program that will allow a company to save money both on toner and on service. When you agree to participate in this program you will receive discounted cost on toner and ink and will be provided with free labor service ( part are not included) on the machines you purchase toner and ink for. This service is offered in Boca Raton and nearby areas. Customers will also receive special discounts for supplies and equipment during the year call us for more information about this program and the conditions that apply at (561) 488-1515.

  • WHY WE STAND OUT FROM THE REST:  Is the one-stop-shop for everything related to printers.
  •   Professional advice and friendly service.
  •   Independently owned and operated.
  •   100% Supplies Guarantee.
  •   Thousands of satisfied customers since 1995!

  • RATES  Printer Repair from $75 flat rate per labor
  •   Copier Repair from $75 flat rate per labor
  •   Plotter Repair from $150 flat rate per labor

Note that we dont repair Inkjet Printers